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Bernd Steffens

The library on two legs runs, cycles, writes
and appreciates attentive, authentic people

Burning for value-oriented management

Burning for leaders in companies who are
interested in relationships

Developing leadership personalities

This life: Questioning the hierarchy


Developing managers

First life: Ask hierarchy

Extended family man with assertiveness,

Around the corner thinker


The first cup of coffee is drunk in bed

Do! - Personally. Pragmatic. Professional

Bernd Steffens

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Günther Wirkus

Motto: I love what I do -
I do what I love

James Bond fan likes café au lait –
stirred and not shaken

He is a family guy living at the Rhein-Nahe-Eck
and loving the wines of the region


This life: international; integrating value and
people orientation into the economy

First life: regional; strengthen voluntary work
with structure and professionalism

Team player


Günther Wirkus

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What does performance-team mean to us?

Our performance as a team results equally from the individuality and contribution of each of us as well as from our interaction.

The performance of the individual in turn grows and is supported by the team.

Performance combines results and people orientation. For us, performance represents more than results or figures. Performance always has a face for us:

From "I" to "team" to "value creation through appreciation" - this is one of our guiding principles.


Our team understanding reflects both our own cooperation and the relationship with our customers. For us, team means more than a form of organisation with structures and rules – team is made up of characters and has its own character.

For us, trust is the basis of every relationship. In our internal relationship, this is also reflected in the fact that we don’t have any written contracts. The spoken word applies. Decisions are worked out together. Conflicts are resolved and clarified. The aim is a lasting and resilient cooperation.

For us, communication needs more than techniques and guidelines – it only succeeds with a corresponding attitude of appreciation towards oneself and others. Our internal and external communication is subject to the same standards. To say attentively what is to be said, even if it is unpleasant without hurting the other. Clear, understandable, appreciative and thus ultimately value-adding.

We take time for ourselves as a team. Several times a year we meet for team meetings lasting several days in order to work on content, our relationships and thus on trust.

This is how we’re a performance | team.

We invite you to follow our basic belief as we work together:

Trust leads – to solutions.

From "I" to "team" to "value creation through appreciation"

What we stand for


Process orientation


Nurture relationships

Constructivist thinking


Place one's trust

Systematic approach

A Holistic Image of Humanity

Show attitude

Be alterocentered

Speak clearly

Being uncomfortable

Value creation through word estimation

Support individuality

Develop people

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